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UMMA Clinic

(323) 789-5610

(323) 789-5616

Mon/Lunes: 7am – 8pm

       Tues/Martes: 7am – 6pm

       Weds/Miércoles: 7am – 6pm

       Thurs/Jueves: 7am – 8pm

       Fri/Viernes: 7am – 6pm

       Sat/Sábado: 7am – 3:30pm

       Sun/Domingo: Closed/Cerrado

711 West Florence Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90044

Fremont Wellness Center & Community Garden

(323) 789-5610

(323) 233-2685

Mon/Lunes: 8am – 8pm

       Tues/Martes: 8am – 5pm

       Weds/Miércoles: 8am – 5pm

       Thurs/Jueves: 8am – 8pm

       Fri/Viernes: 8am – 5pm

       Sat/Sábado: 7am – 3:30pm

       Sun/Domingo: Closed/Cerrado

7821 S. Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90003


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